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Friday, February 13, 2009

Black History Month In Rogers Park, Chicago neighborhood: Afrikan American Book Exhibit

You are invited to Black History Month In Rogers Park, a diverse American neighborhood

America Celebrates the Black Family
9th Annual Black History Month Event at Loyola Park

Free Admission and Pot Luck Served

When: Sunday February 22, 2009
Time: 11:00am -3:00 pm (elders procession, libation begins at 11:15 am)
Place: 1230 W. Greenleaf, lst floor Gym
(Accessible by wheelchair-see an attendant to use the elevator lift)
For information: Call 773-761-7306 Selena Derry (Awoleye)

International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry
Afrikan Creation Story: The Movie
Exhibit of Afrikan-American History Books

•Libation Ceremony – Lighting of Kinara Candles (Dr. Ayo Maat)
•Black National Anthem: Lift Every Voice and Sing
• Historical information, Book Exhibit, Cultural Education
• Music by We Be Jamming DJ Rob, Urban Sounds, Drumming by Dan McNeil and youth

Please Be On Time -- Plan Not to Miss Libation -- No Admittance During Libation

Meet the Elders of Rogers Park Selected as our Council of Elders – the Bolozi Wazee:
Kelan Phil Cohran, Ora Harris, Dr. Ayo Maat, Selena Derry (Awoleye) confirmed

Bring Your Family and Neighbors

Es Gratis - Bienvenidos - Byenvini

La programa es un celebracion de las culturas negras

Loyola Park Advisory Council
Afrikan Heritage Program
1230 W. Greenleaf
Chicago, IL 60626

February 14, 2009

Dear Patron:

Loyola Park Advisory Council is planning a special Afrikan Heritage program in honor of Black History Month on February 22, 2009. This year we have the International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slave Ancestry.

As the program coordinator, I am working with Mary Hopkins, Mary Bao, Sandra Glpsie, Katie Hogan, and Anita Sims of Loyola Advisory Council to present a program that will add rich culture to the Rogers Park community while providing fun, education, food, music, and performers that all ages, all genders can appreciate.

We need your help to make this event successful. Please attend. Although the event is free, please feel free to help us offset costs by donating cash or service, or food (especially looking for donations from restaurants or caterers).


Selena Derry (Awoleye) Planning Coordinator
On behalf of Loyola Park Advisory Council

Honor elders who share wisdom. Live the dream—make it happen. Be known by your character. Let your word be your bond. Keep crime in check. Make decisions responsibly. Love for the sake of living. Help a worthy person. Mentor a child. Bring order to chaos. YES, WE CAN!

See reservation/donation list below. (Restaurants: Call if you need someone to pick up food dishes early Sunday morning Feb. 22):

Please reserve the following:


_______ I would like to help donate food (estimated 80-100 people will be in attendance)
_______ I am not donating a food dish or cash, but will attend.
_______Yes! I will donate this/these food dish (es) or beverages and list the ingredients ______________________________________________________________
_______Yes! I WILL attend. Please reserve ____ seats for ____ adults____ children
_______No! I WILL NOT attend, but will donate $ _______ to cover entertainment or where it can best be used. _______ No! I WILL NOT attend, but I will deliver a food dish. ______
_______ No! I WILL NOT attend, and I need someone to pick up the food dishes listed above.
_______ Yes! I will volunteer to ___ pick up food donations ___ cleanup ___ serve food
__escort the Council of Elders __decorate tables on February 22 ___ take news photos
__ videotape to show on CAN-TV or for the Advisory Council archives
______ I want to earn community service learning credits for volunteering

RSVP Deadline: Friday Feb. 20, 2009

Name ____________________________________________________ age if a youth ________

Title or Position _________________________________________

Company _____________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________
City/Zip___________________________Phone/Cell ______________________/______________
Fax____________________ Email ____________________________________________________

Please find enclosed a check in the amount of $_______________ or I will deliver cash $ _____ to the Loyola Advisory Council at Loyola Park 1230 W. Greenleaf or call to arrange for cash pickup. Call 773-761-7306. Please make check payable to Loyola Park Advisory Council. Your cash donation may be deducted as a contribution under Rogers Park Community Council, the fiscal agent for Loyola Park Advisory Council.

Please reply to Selena Derry (Awoleye) 773-761-7306 or Loyola Park 773-262-8605
Email to or mail to: Loyola Park Advisory Council Black History Month 1230 W. Greenleaf Chicago, IL 60626


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