BNICEH (be nicer), the Black Network in Children's Emotional Health, consists of BNICEH SmokeOut Campaign, IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles and Equality), and Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Consortium.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black Network In Children's Emotional Health (BNICEH) Looking For New Advisors, Volunteers, Directors in 2016

Time for new life.  BNICEH is searching for youth and adults who want to volunteer and share our mission,  values and purpose.  Read what we have done on our newsgroup and note the projects that we host or have supported:

Black Mental Health Forum
No Butts No Booze Back to School Fest
IMPRUVE Paratransit Campaign
Chicago Together
SmokeOut video production
Family Job Affair
Watoto Speak - Vols I & II
SmokeOut Newsletter (youth production)
et al


Help us plan the 2nd Black Mental Health Forum
Raise funds
Organize youths
Engage youth in anti-violent activities and street truces
Get youth involved in green technology and nanotechnology 
Help youth move out of poverty into entrepreneurship

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