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Monday, July 16, 2012

Technology and the Disability Movement 2007--2016

Certainly a new era in paratransit springs forth with the potential within 10 years to have cutting edge technology on a miniature scale that marries nanotechnology with the green transit industry and disability community. 

Though  IMPRUVE set a  target by 2016 to own its own vehicles or fleet of van pools for those of us who have invested funds and energy into this potential to travel independently, we won’t end our shared role or progress at 2016.

 By 2020, we expect to be there with the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community (GTTDC) as users, trainers, and interns of nanotechnology and green technology without the ongoing fights with state legislators for monies and service boards for acceptance of riders as advisors who are taken seriously, seldom to revisit the uncertainties of service, unequal services, and policy that leave riders and other persons who are disabled behind. 

Young people are needed to work side by side with elders. Elders are expected to continue to sharpen their thought processes, learn nanotechnology, green technology, and  share knowledge within the disability community, so that we are more prepared for the incoming revolution that will result from our evolved vision.  We should not stand on the sidelines watching others capitalize on technology, employment and training that we, too, need.

We don’t always have to retire, but at some point for balance, well-being and continuity it may become necessary to turn the reins over to a better-trained, more energetic workforce, taskforce, and thinkers who do not limit themselves to boxed-in logic, the way of limited world thought, and reduced intellect.

To think big, but work on a small scale to be more efficient, reduce costs,  be more productive, or stronger,  is the way of nanotechnology. 

What if we as  a disability community worked so smart that we would become a real enabling community with wheelchairs whose battery chargers were powered by solar cells or hydrogen cells that were small enough to fit in the palm of our hands?  What if we could charge our solar cars from stored sunlight that fits on a grid as small as a laptop or a cell phone? What if when we travel or find ourselves stranded, or snowed in, or fall and break bones, or have pulmonary attacks,  or have ravaging cancer cells or out of control mental illness, we could absorb or eat the equivalent of a green power lunch or breakfast that was so nutrient rich with raw materials to heal bones, organs, disease almost instantly--it would have to be very alkaline and full of sunlight, and we would have to use nanoveganic gardening methods. It would probably have to be used in liquid form and certainly should not be in the form of a pill. It would have to be delivered precisely where needed, self-aligned with the body’s own natural healing properties, and possibly amplified through one’s own thought processes or meditation or prayer.

It could not be left in the hands of those who control the wealth or those who base their thinking or support on politics, greed, or perceived ability. It would have to be available to all, yet forced on no one, and not be priced out of the range of the masses.

The movement continues--that is, the National  Paratransit Peoples Movement Assembly as IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles, Equality), a charter member of the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community (GTTDC) moves forward in its 12th year to improve the movement of people who use or need  paratransit or independent accessible vehicles, and work within the green movement for people who are disabled.

We expect to see many of you Sat. July 21, 2012 and each year  at the  Chicago Disability Pride Parade. And expect to receive your cash donations at our booth on Daley Plaza  in person or online here by PayPal or Credit Card..  Stand with us another day for  The Green Think Tank for the Disability Community.   

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