BNICEH (be nicer), the Black Network in Children's Emotional Health, consists of BNICEH SmokeOut Campaign, IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles and Equality), and Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Consortium.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BNICEH is More Than A Black Network and Disability Advocacy Group for Youth, We Advocate for Green Employment and Health

When the family becomes a respected icon of American society, we will stop sending heartless politicians and bureaucrats to state legislatures, Congress, and the judicial system to

Criminalize Youth Worth Saving
Spend More on War than Community Programs and Character Education
Anesthesize Their Parents
Enact Child Welfare Policies and Family Law that Are Archaic, Create Heart and
Mind Damage, Make It Difficuly to Believ We Live in A Civilized 21st Century
Neglect Youth Who are Disabled
Ignore Families, Lawyers,and Social Workers Who Speak On Behalf of Them

We sponsored the first National Black Mental Health Forum in Chicago in 1993. We are a charter member of Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Consortium.

BNICEH (be nicer) receives no funding currently, but is working to redevelop our programs that gave youth an alternative to drug use and dealing, unlawful gang activity; provided training, jobs, and stipends for young people; and trained parents as advocates and organizers, knowledgeable of child welfare law and human rights.

We are looking for more youth to serve on our youth advisory board and more youth who have behavioral health disabilities or are at risk for behavioral health disabilities.

Call if you would like a scholarship for Juneteenth luncheon--Family Reunification Day sponsored by Family Defense Center at 840 S. Wood UIC - student center west Chicago June 19, 2001 10 am -2 pm.

Call us at 773-416-7366 or email
Dr. Maat (Maat--pronounced mah-ott)