BNICEH (be nicer), the Black Network in Children's Emotional Health, consists of BNICEH SmokeOut Campaign, IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles and Equality), and Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Consortium.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BNICEH requests your help for IMPRUVE--buy Carson's booklets from us; Attend fundraisers, A

Help us get to DC to Rally for Transit Freedom and Justice Nationally for Paratransit Riders

Fundraisers for 2011 - Winter to Spring
  •  Fundraiser through Sat. February 26, 2011 - Support BNICEH (parent company of IMPRUVE) in Carson's Community Day Event now through February 26, 2011.  To help BNICEH for IMPRUVE's trip to DC and general support --buy discount books for $5.  Buy discount books now from us!!!  Call 773-416-7366 or 773-255-2113. The five dollars goes directly to us when you buy from us (not while we are in the store Feb. 26). On Feb. 26, we turn over monies to Carson's from sales of  $5 coupon booklets; they share the money among all groups present in the store selling by issuing a check by mail, weeks after event ends. The $5 Discount books contain coupons up to $200 in value that include: $10 off coupons, 30%, and 50% off coupons, and other specials.  We are registered with Evergreen Plaza and Edens Plaza Carson's in Wilmette IL, but the books we are selling are good at any Carson Pirie Scott, Bon Ton, Be. 19, members can pay $15 at door rgner, Parisian across the nation.
  • Sat. March 5, 2011 - 1030 N. Clark Chicago IL 60610 6-11 pm , dine until 10 pm in private room, then move to play power games. Or play board games (checkers, dominoes, backgammon, Scrabble) and cards (bid whist) until 9 pm. Stay until 1 am in  Dave and Buster's. Fajita Buffet or Special Menu Upon Early Request and Payment --Raw Organic Vegan  - $35 due February 19, 2011. With $ 20 Deposit by Feb. 19. Members can then pay $15 cash or money order at door.  No personal checks. Money order, Bank check or Credit Union check.  Request flier 
  • Sat. April 9, 2011 - Leona's Pizza Party 6935 N. Sheridan Rd Chicago IL 60626 5:30-8:30 pm  Veggie w/tofu Skewer or Raw psychedelic salad w/avocado Vegan Option must be requested & paid in advance. Silent Auction.  Performance by Bruh Luh.  $25 due by March 31, 2011. Non-members at door $30.  Members may pay deposit of $15 by March 31, 2011 and $10 at the door.  
Sat. May 7, 2011 - Leona's Pizza Party 6935 N. Sheridan Rd Chicago IL 60626 5:30-8:30 pm Pizza Party. Veggie w/tofu or Raw psychedelic salad w/avocado Vegan Option must be requested & paid in advance. Silent Auction. Performance by Bruh Luh. $25 due by April 30, 2011. Non-members at door $30. Members may pay deposit of $15 by April 30, 2011and $10 at the door.

National Paratransit Peoples Movement Assembly formed by IMPRUVE in 2010

  • Going to DC May 23-27, 2011 to rally for paratransit riders and take Declaration of Transit Justice and Freedom to Obama adminiustration, FTA, Congress and U.S. Access Board in memory of two directors who passed in 2010 in December and July respectively:

Director Emeritus Alyce Battle,  1st vice president 1999-2009 , treasurer 2005-2007
Director Emeritus Omar Basheer,   president (1992-93) and vice president 1991-92, 1994-95
 and in memory of paratransit rider Tracey Berry who passed in April 2010
and BNICEH volunteer and child welfare advocate Judith Catlin who passed in January 2010.

BNICEH and IMPRUVE Board 2008-2010: Dr. Ayo Maat, pres; Dr. Jackie Haas, Patricia Baxter, treas.; Cecelia Jackson, secy (missing: Alyce Battle (decesaed 2010), Jeanette Exom, Donna Lewis, Harold Bellamy, Joanne Tillis)
Joanne Tillis, director- At ACT One Cafe, Rogers Park 2010
Photos of paratransit riders,  other persons who are disabled, families of members, and youth who have participated in our events or events that we attend or support:

Dr. Ayo Maat, president, at NorthSide Community Federal Credit Union (NSCFCU) annual meeting Member of Board of Directors, NSCFCU

Board of BNICEH  and IMPRUVE at Lion King, Cadillac Palace Theatre, Nov. 2010

Patricia Baxter, Treasurer,  Chair, IMPRUVE Fundraising Committee

Geneva Baxter, IMPRUVE Fundraising Committee

Ernestine Standberry, Tom Babbington, Dr. Jackie Haas at rally for
fixed route public transit and paratransit re: DoomsDay fares
at State of Illinois Thompson Center 2007

Liz Bracken at RIC 2008

Cecelia Jackson, secy and vice president (on medical leave 2011),
at RIC Computer Lab 2008

Prayer vigil, IMPRUVE with Paratransit Riders  Arlington Heights IL Preaying for right action
 re: paratransit fare hikes and policy 2009

Tyquan Baxter, IMPRUVE Fundraising Committee, Tech Support
 at Loyola Park Afrikan Heritage program 2008  

Jeanette Exom, former Outreach Director, IMPRUVE, (on medical leave 2010)  at sit-in, Jan. 2008
at Currency Xchg to protest monthly paratransit pass cancellation 

Peggy McCusker at RIC 2008

Herb Hoffman at RTA rally to protest paratransit zone system 2008

Richard James at RIC 2008

Actress-model Ramissa Maat, CAU student, former member BNICEH Youth Board
Trish Hardy, vocalist with 40 years performing experience, modeling earrings by  Maat at IMPRUVE fundraiser,
Leona's  after wailing the blues from her wheelchair, November 2010   

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