BNICEH (be nicer), the Black Network in Children's Emotional Health, consists of BNICEH SmokeOut Campaign, IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Riders for Unity, Vehicles and Equality), and Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Consortium.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Black Network In Children's Emotional Health Celebrates 24 Years as of March 24 - Yeah, Yeah!

Black Network In Children's Emotional Health 
Twenty-four Years

Still Here, Hanging In There, for Disability, 
Paratransit, Civil and Human Rights.  
Standing Firm for Human Services, 
Black Lives, All Lives

With No Funding, With Volunteers
Moving Forward In 2016 
Until We No Longer Can

 Actress , former model  and youth spokeperson for BNICEH
Miss Ramissa

Board Meeting at Advocate Masonic Medical Center
over 10 Years ago 

Dr. Maat at NorthSide Community Federal Credit Union (CU) 
Annual Meeting representing Black Network In Children's Emotional Health, 
PWDs, persons with low income, served 19 years on CU board

 2006 at Pace headquarters -  ParatransitRiders 
Prayer before Board Meetingin Arlington Hts

Paratransit Herb Hoffman outside RTA headquarters
protesting Pace increase and poor service

Grateful to President Obama for his statement
that Landlords should not discriminate against 
ex-offenders by refusing to rent to them solely 
based on having  a record or having been arrested

Some events we have supported or participated in or that some of our members participated in:

Not Dead Yet rally (photo by Dr. Maat)

Protest at children's nursing home in Rogers Park where 
12 children died
in which PWDs want the nusring home shut down
(photo by Dr. Maat)

ADAPT, AFSCME, IL Single Payer Coalition, 
IMPRUVE, NA4J (Northside Action for Justice)
The Alliance For Community Services

Dr. Maat at Network 49 - Loyola Park meeting
with collegaues, Network 49 organizers
Katy Hogan, Ed Mullen, Michael Harrington

Marchers around City Hall from diverse groups neigborhoods (photo by Dr. Maat)

Kathy Powers protesting closing of Chicago city public health clinics
 that affect many Blacks, women, children and cost only 25 cents monthly. 
Great sign  (photo by Dr. Maat)

One of my favorite tee shirts at MH protest at City Hall (photo by Dr. Maat)
Could you see me wearing a similar tee shirt.  
It would fit a variety of situations for me related to race, gender,
 wheelchair use, activism, advocacy, education, beliefs,
disability, religion, spirituality, political affiliation.... ((~_~))