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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why I Support No More Shootings, Not Just No More School Shootings

How Many More Funerals Will You Attend By 2016
How Many More Youth Will Be In Wheelchairs
How Much More Youth Anger Will Go Unchecked with No Character Building
How Many More Shootings Have to Happen Before You Get Tired, Repulsed, Angry?
Whose Child, Which Student, What Young Person Will Be Next?
What Family Member? What Innocent Bystander?

How Are Youth Not Afraid to Shoot or Kill Others; or Shoot, Smoke, Snort or Huff Drugs; or Burn Out their Mucus Membranes or Decrease their Brain Function; or Disrespect their Elders; or Use Aerosol Sprays and Creams that Pollute their Skin, Hair and the Environment; or Deny their Creator,

But Are Afraid to Try Kombucha; Herbal Tea; Broccoli; Vegan Burgers; Lentil Soup; Portabella Mushrooms; raw plant-based foods; Alkaline Water; Xango, Noni, Goji or Red Xingia Juice; Real Juice (100% or pressed) that is not from a concentrate or mix of chemicals, water and 10% juice, (and not Kool Aid or mercury-laden, corn-syrupy or watered down drinks with refined sugar, Nutrasweet (aspartame), artificial flavors and coloring)?

How Many More Dollars That Could Be Helping Will Go For War, Target Practice, Gun Purchase, Violent Video Game Purchase, Marketing of Lies, Underage Drinking, Drug Treatment without real cure(i.e. Methadone, Nicotine) for Drug Addiction (i.e. Heroin Addiction, Tobacco Addiction) and Funeral Costs (More Spent on Funerals than Providing Community Supports for Families, Persons who Are Disabled, Local Home-Based and Small Business, Youth Employment)?

How Many More Shootings By and At Police, Soldiers in War, or Families at War Before You Have Had Enough?

How Many More Hunting and Fishing Trips Will You Go On Before You Realize It is Not Building Character, Our Global Infrastructure, Or Helping the Planet

I am concerned that mediation, self-awareness, breathing, negotiation, meditation, reflection, anger management and mentoring are being replaced by shooting to kill and misdirection of anger without a second thought about consequences spiritually and emotionally, not just physically to the families, and other youth, not to mention that it is lucrative for the morticians, nursing homes, hospitals, and insurance companies. Oops, almost forgot--this is the 21st century, many of our healthcare facilities and practitioners are not getting paid timely, as they should, by the state and other health insurers; and most of our community is uninsured or underinsured, and opposed to cremation instead of burial, healing instead of drugs and surgery, and unaware or afraid to use barefoot medicine and other non-invasive methods such as spiritual treatment (prayer, laying on hands), fresh air, sunshine, pure water, veganic food (organic food grown without animal manure, animal products). Okay, I'm woke now.

We do mortgage workouts; how about character-building workouts by people who have character, integrity, balance and violence and anger workouts by people who are not violent or do not have repressed or obvious anger, before these planned and often impulsive shootings can occur?

How can it be healthy and contribute to the prosperity, health and well-being of a community; race; species; gender; and peer or ethnic group to say that you do not support gun control, but it is okay to condone these shootings or carrying of weapons, because of Constitutional protection; and allow imbalances caused by youth spending most of their life in violence, playing violent games, listening to violent lyrics, watching rap beefs, watching videos from self-proclaimed leaders training them in how to become criminally-minded, under the guise of freedom of speech?

That has to be a boring life--snuffing out young lives like alpha and omega beasts in the wilderness vying for survival and food; having sex as if licensed to impregnate or give birth and have taxpayers or the parents to pay the cost of youth's unbridled passions; celebrating the birth with gift-giving and much ado as if a rite of passage, then abandoning the child(ren) because you have not grown up yourself or want to move on to the next experience; drinking 40s and vodka (manufactured or promoted by hip hop stars)while our community does not thrive, but continues to have rising illness and mortality rates, local businesses, esp. in the Black community fail while Wal Mart, Aldi and others make huge profits as you continue to bypass your Mama's or Daddy's businesses and other local merchants that cannot offer the huge discounts you seek, smoking kush and cigarettes thinking they are harmless, because cannibis is a herb and your Granddaddy is still alive and still smoking, never creating anything of value, never exercising character, not paying attention to the signs of the time....

Be like the kangaroo--it never moves backward. It can't. Move forward. Be grateful. Gratitude expands blessings. Don't worry about anything. Just be wiser today. Spiritually discern to make the wisest choices.

Let nothing crush you. Rise immediately. - Mary B. Eddy, CSB

Love and Peace,

Maat (bringing order to chaos)

Ayo Maat, Ph.D., M. HS

P.S. Check out July 11 "Barefoot Medicine Goes Digital" - arm yourself with some real protection and higher knowledge from the Most High or from AcuWerks, Freedom and Victory Publishing, the Principles of Maat, and Sy Bounds. Research. Be dependable, not expendable.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Barefoot Medicine Goes Digital" at UCRP -- BNICEH and Green Think Tank...Sponsor

BNICEH is co-sponsoring with Green Think Tank for the Disability Community and Acuwerks, a dynamic talk by key speaker Dr. Frank Yurasek of Barefoot Medicine Society, Acuwerks and HealLand:

Barefoot Medicine Goes Digital

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Yurasek, this introductory session is FREE to the community.

Date: Sat. July 11, 2009
Time: 2-6 p.m.
Where: United Church of Rogers Park
Overdier Hall - 3rd floor
1545 W. Morse
Chicago IL 60626

Dr. Maat of BNICEH and Green Think Tank for the Disability Community says Listen Up:
Check out the details at the website and blogs listed. And remember to tune in to Rogers Park station "From the Heartland" WLUW FM 88 FM Sat. July 4 from 9 - 10 am for more information, or come down to eat and listen to the show at Heartland Cafe 7000 N. Glenwood Ave Chicago IL 60626:

Meet Sy Bounds, the Blog Professor, blogging coach, and creator of innovative digital flash drive technology, to drive your online green business e.g. healing or medical practice, jewelry business, art and crafts business, sustainable living, green building and architecture, bicycle repair shop, appointment setting and scheduling, taxi or other transportation, etc.

Sy Bounds says
New Gen Digital Flash Drive Technology is the way to go and stay ahead of the game; along with using blogging and Google tools, it's best practice for digitized business.

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BNICEH and Green Think Tank...Sponsors Barefoot Medicine Goes Digital by Dr. Ayo Maat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at
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