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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Disability, Paratransit and Subject of Abortion, Same Sex Marriage

Senior Harold Bellamy ( a vet near 80) now has electricity, is on a budget plan, is able to keep his housing,  still uses the paratransit.   What do you think willl happen to him and others who are dependent on paratransit if there is not enough funding for paratransit, wheelchair taxis, senior transit?

Can you accept the consequences or provide the accessible transportation and services for those who are disabled and cannot pay for these services?

Should the government  be funding programs that are unnecessary to the well-being of most of Americans  r that can be provided adequately by private sources of funding?   Your opinion is welcome even if you disagree with mine on the issue of Same Sex Marriage and abortion, but please add your name to the letter supporting designated funding in the Surface Transit Bill now or later when it comes up for renewal again in 27 months.

Note: I am still going to be Maat, IMPRUVE and BNICEH will still do disability advocacy,  whether or not my friends who are GLBT get married or not.  I am still going to love them just as I still love my relatives and friends  who have had abortions, gone to jail, or  eat animal flesh.

I am pro-life and vegan, so you won't see me at the circus, zoo, rodeo or aquarium,  or with a gun shooting or hunting any man or animal, nor at dog, ostrich or horse races, nor supporting federally funded abortion or birth control pills, and you also will not see me eating the pink slime that is in meat or eating the  kidney cells from discarded or aborted fetuses, nor denying  a woman's choice that she makes to abort or use birth control pills or have sex out of wedlock or  a hysterectomy,  nor blocking abortion clinics or interfering with those who staff them .

But I won't promise you that I would not try to talk loved ones out of any of  this actvity if so led or I am asked my thought.

As a minister, I have lifetime ordination based on my metaphysical beliefs, but I am retire and I just don't do any type of funerals or marriages anymore anyway.

My  ethics and character,  and dietary, spiritual, and marital beliefs do not control how the rest of the word acts or feels. They are for me and I share them in openness.  I am as always Maat speaking the Truth that I know and leaning as I grow.  My duty is to see or envision the best of mankind even if they cannot see their perefection yet or I have to clear the film from my on lens and work on  my own salvation.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sign Letter for (Federal) Surface Transit Bill by June 14, 2012

BNICEH is supporing IMPRUVE and NPPMA as we work to get designated funding passed wthin the Congressional Surface Transit Bill due June 30, 212. Senate version S1813 is being considered to be passed or revised. It is now in the Conference Committee.

Call, fax or write (from their websites) your federal representative, senators and members of the Conference Committee immediately. There are 47 members of the Conference Committee for the Surface Transit Bill. There are millions of American citizens who travel or bike the roads as drivers or passengers. Don't be silent.

Tell them: 
1. to pass designated funding for paratransit, Medicar, senior transit and wheelchair taxis 
2. the fundng is assured for regular public transit, but remind them to include it anyway. It also includes hwy infrastructure 
3. to support solar-powered NEV cars and green paratransit that is rider-owned, too.  

Remember that we are still privileged to live in America despite the budget cuts, party fights, military buildups, and disagreements.

 Please add your name or organizational name to our letter to the President, Congress, and Conference Committee. Thank you. Public Announcement For Immediate Release – May 30, 2012 From: National Paratransit Peoples’ Movement Assembly Contacts: c/o IMPRUVE Dr. Ayo Maat, 6951 N. Sheridan Rd 773-416-7366 Chicago IL 60626-3527 Cecelia Jackson, Secy 773-544-9488 To the President, Conference Committee for the Surface Transit Bill (originally S1813), and Congress: Mr. President and Members of Congress: “

Accessible transportation is a basic right and the disability community is not a one size fits all community. We and our supporters are concerned that Congress may not consider in the Surface Transit Bill, the best interests and needs of the people who are disabled who ride paratransit and are forced by FTA policy to pay as much as twice the fixed route public transit fare despite having the lowest disposable incomes in the nation; and the drivers and providers of paratransit, wheelchair taxis and Medicars whose jobs and ability to provide services at reasonable cost to taxpayers are at stake.

The stalemate between the parties is hurting people who are disabled (PWD’s) worse than ever, plunging us deeper into isolation and rushing us to a lower quality of life that places us at risk for avoidable, though catastrophic illness or premature death as funds for paratransit diminish and we are unable to access appropriate affordable transportation to meet our needs and pocketbooks, and get to regular healthcare, worship service, and the activities that allow us to be on equal footing with our nondisabled peers in terms of employment and quality of life ..." - Ayo Maat, Ph.D., founder, IMPRUVE and NPPMA (National Paratransit People’s Movement Assembly)

 That is why we as members of the disability community who ride paratransit and have the lowest employment rates and lowest disposable incomes and our supporters request that our voices be heard by Congress, the President, and the public.

We are making the rounds to various Congressmen and Senators to support designated funding from Senate Transit Bill S1813. Without it, paratransit will not be funded. Fortunately, House bill HR 7, which that excluded designated funding, failed. The Conference Committee of both houses has been formed to work on the Surface Transit bill AND GET IT PASSED BY June 30, 2012.

We have a solution to lower costs of paratransit and put some persons who are disabled back to work, but for now, we are focused on getting the Surface Transit Bill passed. We salute those in Congress who are trying to get the bill passed with proper provisions.

 We protest national transit policies that amount to Transit Eugenics for persons who are disabled and dependent on accessible transportation. Congress should not neglect us in the equation for surface transit whether considering designated funding for the infrastructure, paratransit, wheelchair taxis, or Medicars.

 We sign onto this letter as voters, citizens and residents, disability advocates, businesses or paratransit riders, elected officials, taxi drivers, Medicar drivers, paratransit drivers, or pubic transit advocates. We are happy to add input on a future Congressional Transit Summit (none has been held by FTA since 2004) to ease the burden of improving transit nationally and regionally, even determining how to make surface transit affordable and effective for taxpayers and those who use it or provide the services.

Sincerely, Ayo Maat, Ph.D, president/CEO, IMPRUVE founder- paratransit and disability advocate - IL IMPRUVE (Independent Movement of Paratransit Rider for Unity, Vehicles, Equality - IL (& national) National Paratransit People’s Movement Assembly (NPPMA)- IL ( & national) BNICEH (Black Network In Children’s Emotional Health) - IL ( & national)

P.S. I survived death 3 times.  I asked for my life that I might be able to do work that I have a talent in doing  and that I love: to help others, heal them of frustration from poverty, unemployment, disability, conflict; teach them, encourage them to Stand,  work together regardless of religion, race, age, disability;  share with them, work with them.  That is why I continue to advocate and work on behalf of people even though we are unfunded and even if most of America does not support our efforts, and Congress is generally unaware of our plight. I know I am wondrously blessed and I'm not afraid  to tell you.  I want all to know how blessed  that we can go to Congress with our issues, help each other across the nation and not be in envy or anger. We don't always have to march long distances--most of us can't do long marches, some of us can't even march, leave our homes or jobs, or stand up physically, but we've got a voice to talk, write, and record our thoughts and issues; or help someone else who can't speak record theirs..  We are not against any personality, but for what is right for all concerned. AND WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.


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